Dress: Target/ Belt: Francescas/ Vest: Old Navy/ Tights: Target/ Boots: Hunter/Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company/Necklace: Macy’s/Watch: Michael Kors/ Sunglasses: francescas.

This outfit was both unintentionally patriotic and seasonally inappropriate, but I couldn’t care less. Target KILLED IT this fall, bringing in all sorts of cute, classic pieces. Although, I have to admit that their clothes are getting a little pricier than normal, which isn’t all that great, but I’ll take it if it means cuter, higher-quality items. This belt was an awesome piece I found at Francescas. It’s such a great store for girly-girls like me, I can always find something I like in there. Their clothes are reasonably priced and their statement jewelry section is to die for. And, like a broken record, I will never stop wearing my old navy vest. I WILL NOT, I SAY. I plan on buying more next season in different colors. Sorry wallet. Same goes for my pearl necklace. I wear it at least three times a week, or more. Classy girls wear pearls, am I right? (Ok, so i’m obsessed with Sarah Vickers and KJP but honestly, who isn’t?)

After a questionably warm week, it’s back to the tundra for us here in michigan, so stepping outside for these shots was quite the task. BUT I managed to do it!

We have a three day weekend and I am already eternally grateful for the break. How many weeks of classes have we had? What? Two? Oops. Ok well. Only about five weeks to go until spring break. That’s the mentality.

Enjoy your weekend and please ignore my messy hair. Blame the wind for that one.

Much love,


One skirt, two ways.

One skirt, two ways.

Oh My Love sequin top
$25 –

Forever 21 moto jacket

Madewell mini skirt

Madewell mini skirt

Gap rib tight

White House Black Market crystal jewelry

Bow earrings

H M scarve
$58 –

NYX lips makeup
$11 –

I’ve lauded my love for the J.Crew city mini a few posts back, but, as a skirt addict, I am super excited to post about a new favorite of mine.


The Madewell Bistro Mini is absolutely to die for. It has every quality you could want for a solid fall/winter skirt (I also think that you could stretch it into spring/summer too, depending on how you style it.” Madewell clothes definitely live up to their name, and this skirt is no exception. It’s such a nice, sturdy fabric without feeling too bulky. Also, there is an elastic waistband, which can be a welcome change from some of the more constricting A-line styles that I always find myself buying. It fits true to size and comes in navy and dark emerald green! The green version is currently on my person as I type this post and it is without a doubt one of the most comfortable and versatile skirts i’ve ever worn!

I thought i’d put together a little set with some styling tips for you guys! I highly recommend buying this skirt. While $75 can be a little pricey for a separate, it’s more affordable than it’s J.Crew counterpart and is definitely an investment piece! I can’t ever picture it going out of style, which means I’ll definitely be wearing it for years to come. Here is an example of a day look and a night look that both feature the Bistro Mini!

Bow down to your new favorite skirt, everyone.

Much love,


Horrah for the yellow and blue

Ok, today is the last day of all this “polar vortex” nonsense but a templates of a whopping seven degrees plus an 8:30 class made one more day of pants in order.





Top: J. Crew factory/ Cardigan: J.crew/ Pants: Old Navy/ Boots: Lauren Ralph Lauren (DSW)/ Socks: Target/ Watch: Michael Kors.
I am unintentionally wearing my school colors today but I think I like this combination much better in these brighter, more pastel tones than in the fluorescent “maize rage”
That the entire campus plasters themselves in during football season.My philosophy is that if I dress in colors that are reminiscent of spring, spring will come to me. Solid thinking. I think with that logic, I’d be a great politician. So keep on the lookout for a pasty-white, J. Crew clad sarcastic girl gunning for the presidency in 2032.
Speaking of J. crew, I am obsessed with this jewel-collared oxford top. I have it in two colors, this blue and white. I think the sparkle at the top is the perfect amount- not too much to make it overbearingly “dressy” but just enough to make any other piece feel special. This cashmere cardigan is super comfortable too, and the yellow is a welcome pop of color from the dreary blacks and grays this month typically brings. These pants are the old navy “rockstar” cords, and they fit fabulously and are available in every color under the sun. What’s not to love? I swear I have shoes that aren’t these riding boots, just so you all know. And I promise I’ll wear them eventually.
I hope you all have great days!
Much love,


First day of classes outfit idea: easily polished.

First day of classes outfit idea: easily polished.

J Crew sweater

Topshop coat

H M circle skirt
$25 –

French Connection tight

Vintage jewelry

Stud earrings

WELL, the weather in Ann Arbor is frightful! So, I may have to wear (brace yourselves), jeans for my first day of classes tomorrow. I’m hoping by thursday it will thaw out a bit and i’ll be able to don a tad more feminine ensemble for the rest of the week. However, for those of you not susceptible to instant frostbite when walking outside, I figured i’d give you a little inspiraiton for your first day of classes outfit! The first day can often be a drag but dressing up for it can make it feel more like an important event, maybe even something to get excited about! I chose to go with a very simple, classic color scheme. Each season comes with new trends, and simultaneously, new “in vogue” color palettes. However, the classic “nautical” color scheme never goes out of style! It is appropriate for all seasons and ages, which I think is pretty wonderful. I picked this skirt/sweater combonation because it is conservative enough to wear to class while remaining fun and youthful. These camel-colored riding boots are GORGEOUS, and a perfect classic winter staple.Tights are a must for the winter time, and this French Connection are sturdy and opaque without looking too bulky.  Also, I adore these sparkling baubles, cat-eyed sunglasses, tailored toggle-coat and the stunning shade of this NARS lipstick. A little glamour never killed anyone 😉
Best of luck with your winter semesters!
Much love,

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Let’s all say a prayer of gratitude for Wifi-enabled planes and strong coffee. I’m alive! Currently taking off from Baltimore, where I had a layover, to Detroit. It’s about negative ten degrees in Ann Arbor right now (and no, I’m not being dramatic. It’s low of negative thirteen without windchill today.) so. That should be fun.






Hat: JCrew / Sweater: JCrew/ Pants: forever21/ Vest: Old navy/ Enamel Cuff: C Wonder/ Boots: Lauren Ralph Lauren (DSW)/ necklace: Max and Chloe/ Socks: Target.

Layering is definitely an essential when traveling, I feel like a broken record with this hat but I just love it. I’m also rocking the same basic color palette as yesterday, but a little more comfort and a little less glamorous. I’ve never been so obnoxious as to wear a skirt on a plane, but one of these days. Mark my words. This sweater from J. Crew is super comfy merino wool, and I pair it with basically every bottom in my wardrobe. Same goes for the black puffer vest. I bought it back in the fall and have worn it dozens of times since then. And I got it for an incredible thirty dollars! Hail to old navy. The boot sock/ boot combination may be my favorite part, my feet are so toasty but I think it polishes the look off very nicely!
I hope everyone traveling today is safe!
Much love,

Outfit of the Day: Hat Trick

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


Hat: JCrew/Skirt: J.Crew (Ebay)/Top: Dynamite/ Tights: target/Monogram Necklace: Max and Chloe (


Today is my last day of break and I decided that in order to not spend it curled up in a ball crying, I would need to pull myself together and dress like a human being. I just went with staple pieces today that I always rely on when I want to throw together a cute outfit. I found this blouse at the store Dynamite and it’s actually the perfect year-round basic. My skirt is a J.Crew city mini, which is THE most essential skirt on the planet. I have it in fuchsia and black, and my sister has it in navy and royal blue. The most popular City Mini by far is the tartan plaid, which sold out EVERYWHERE this past month. Unfortunately, J.Crew did not release a line of wool city minis aside from the Tartan and Gold Sequin varieties this winter, otherwise I would have probably purchased every single solid color in my size. However, I’m hoping in the spring they will bring the linen ones back so I can pick up a couple for the warmer weather. I really love this monogram necklace, although I probably sound like a broken record as every “preppy” girl and her mother seems to have one of these right now, but who could blame them? They are classic and adorable. And of course, the hat. I posted about it in my “favorite things” and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it as a completer piece today. The obsession is real and I may have to be making a return to J.Crew (or, to browse their other baseball caps.

I hope you all are having fabulous sundays (if any of you are out there :P)!

Much love,


Ps. Oh. The whole Starbucks-through-a-straw thing. You know.

Tryst with Texture




Shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren (DSW)/ Tights: Modcloth/Dress: H&M/Cardigan: Francescas/Necklace: Pitaya Boutique. 

I just took my Style Guru bio shot for College Fashionista.  These photos will accompany my 500-or-so word bio introducing myself would-be collegefashionista readers all over the country. Needless to say, the outfit choice was a stressful one.  I’m currently at home, enjoying my last two days of vacation before I ship off back to Ann Arbor.  My sartorial choice this morning consisted of me haphazardly grabbing clean clothes that I figured would make me look “Chic”.  At the very least, I wanted my outfit to say: “I’m a Style Guru writer, polished and professional, and I have totally not spent the past few days lying in bed watching What Not To Wear and only getting out for periodic food breaks” (spoiler alert, that’s all I have been doing.) 

Regardless, I am pleased with the end result. I am absolutely in LOVE with the H&M dress that I picked up this summer for an amazing thirteen dollars. It’s such a simple, flattering, silhouette that I believe even mrs Holly Golightly herself would have loved. I wear it year round, using any excuse I can. My graduation party, opening night of a show, weekend frat-hopping, a day of classes when I want to feel glamorous, the list goes on and on. It’s also the perfect canvas for pattern and texture, and I kind of played on that idea for the rest of this outfit. I already posted about how much I love these Modcloth tights, and I think the pattern came out great in the photo. They really add a dash of sophistication to any outfit, and are super-comfortable! The cardigan further built on the “texture” theme, I adore the pink color and “window pane” design on the front panel. (It was a birthday gift from my friend Emma, and I wear it frequently.) Finally, this necklace is SUPER playful, I had been stalking a similar Bauble Bar one for weeks in the fall before I found it at Pitaya, a boutique in downtown Ann Arbor. 

I can’t wait for my first collegefashionista post to go live and to see/meet all of the other Style Gurus! Well, now that I’ve done something productive today, it’s back to that Netflix grind. I do what I can. 

Much love,


These are a few of my favorite things.

Ah, the universal “favorites” list. Or, as I like to call it, the holy grail of things that I have come to be unable to live without at the moment. Here we go:

1. Mac’s Ruby Woo: The makeup artist who did my face for my prom used this lipstick on me when I told her I was going for sexy, vintage, Scarlett Johansson red. And oh my god, did this lipstick meet all of my expectations and more. It is long-wear and ultra pigmented, and would flatter any skin tone. I wear it almost every day, even (yes), to class. It’s definitely a glamorous essential.


2. These tights from Modcloth.

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 9.34.20 PM
I wear them whenever I get the chance. So delicate, so sophisticated, definitely “Outfit enhancers”, as they are so rightly named. (

3. Bags from the Cambridge Satchel Company! They are adorable, functional, and bring a little bit of effortless english chic to every outfit! I recently got one for christmas and it was a fantastic investment! I picked out the Classic, 11 inches, in the Oxblood color with my initials blindly embossed on the front.

Check out their website,, for options in every size, color, or pattern!

4. Houndstooth Anything. It’s such a cute pattern for any season or age

5. The fashion blog Southern Girls and Pearls . ( While I read many fashion blogs and have a lot of favorites, I have recently discovered Caitlyn, and am a huge fan of her blog. She was a graduate of UNC chapel hill and is currently working as a PR strategist for marketing firm, which is one of my career objectives. Her photos are gorgeous and her style is the essence of effortless southern chic. It gives me a lot of inspiration while I freeze in Michigan as well as ideas I can’t wait to try once spring and summer hit! I definitely recommend checking her out.

6. The Enamel Initial Cuff from C. Wonder. My sister picked out a navy one with an engraved “S” for me and I think it is absolutely darling! The perfect gift for a friend or family member and an adorable piece of arm candy! Find your initial here!

7. The website Baublebar. Affordable statement jewelry. Need I say more?

8. The Photo-Editing app Afterlight . It has SO many capabilities, and it is free, which is truly amazing. I use it to edit all of my Instagram photos and it is DEFINITELY a treasure of a find.

9. This J. Crew baseball cap. (Houndstooth, anyone?) I think it’s an adorable way to cover up a bad hair day! I picked it up at J.Crew the other day for an unbelievable eighteen dollars and it has served me very well! It’s still on sale so grab it while you can!
Baseball cap

10. Disney’s Frozen.
It was, without a doubt, the wonderful movie i’ve seen all year. It contained such mature themes and beautiful music. I left the theatre in tears of joy and haven’t been able to get all of the songs out of my head. My friends and sisters share my obsession, as well. It’s safe to say it’ll last until the next disney movie comes out, too 😉

That wraps it up! What have you guys been loving recently? Let me know!
Much love,

To Blog or not to Blog

That, my friends, is the question.

Now, I am fully aware that I am,currently, addressing no one. I’m hoping soon that will change. But for the small amount of friends and acquaintances that I will force to read this (love you all, by the way), and for any shot-in-the-dark strangers, I feel it’s best to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m currently a freshman at the University of Michigan, studying (for now), Communications and Drama. I grew up on Long Island, a triplet, and lived a typical suburban life. I love theatre and music, and easily become infatuated with works of literature, quotes, songs, and movies. I write often, plays,poems, and even essays. I’m addicted to hot, caffeinated beverages in all forms. I consider myself to me a good listener and friend. And, then, of course, I have a love affair with clothes, shopping, and creating an aesthetic that will bring me pride, joy, and confidence.

I started my real interest in clothing during my freshman year of high school. Until I was about 10, I was a tomboy, and the only fashion statement I cared about making was how many days in a row I could wear my authentic Mia Hamm jersey without putting it in the wash. From then on, I suffered somewhat of a style-identidy crisis. Yes, I wanted to look more feminine, but didn’t really have a clue on how to do it. I dressed nondescriptly, often donning *shudder* jeans with *shudder* sweatshirts and *FUCKING SHUDDER* skater shoes. When I came into my freshman year, this changed. I began to discover how I could make an impression with my clothes. While I went through some subpar “whimsical” “retro” and “hipster” phases, I learned to fall in love with fashion and what I could express through my clothes. I could get people to see me in a certain life. All the attributes I longed for in my self (physical attractiveness, poise, vivacity, charm, cohesiveness), could be achieved though my clothing.
As I ended high school and started college, this love and dependance on fashion as a means of self-expression grew more intense. I’m not going to lie, I have still a LOT of reservations and doubts about whether my college choice was the right one. The beginning of my semester was very difficult and on each return home, I question myself more and more. Many of my posts on this blog, I predict, are going to be assessments of my college experience (if y’all don’t mind a break from fashion :P) Since i’ve started college, I have relied on fashion as a means of expression, enjoyment, and reclaiming the sense of self that I lost somewhere along the way. I look forward to getting dressed every morning, and I highly doubt that will ever change, despite the arctic temperatures that will probably make me look forward to nothing but hot coffee and long naps. I have decided to put my love of fashion into action: I have an internship with the site College Fashionista this semester, where I will be writing a coloumn called ‘LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS’, photographing fashionable men and writing about their outfits. I’m very excited to be a part of the Style Guru team, however, I’m worried that I’m going to have to start talking to boys without a couple shots of vodka first. Oof. When my articles come up, however, I will link them here for all of you imaginary friends to read! Maybe soon you will be real friends. Yay. Goal-setting.

Back on track, My personal style is constantly evolving, but I have cultivated one that I am immensely proud of. I love dressing with grace and femininity. No pants here, please, unless they are absolutely necessary. I typically stick toward the classic shapes and fabrics that I know are flattering and polished. Some would call me preppy, and I am secretly delighted when they do. I love J.Crew and Francesca’s, statement necklaces, monograms, a-line skirts, colored tights, scarves, baseball caps, peacoats, shift dresses, riding boots (really any boots), ballet flats, bows, sparkles, you name it. I wish I could more succinctly sum up my style, but i’m afraid I cannot. All I know is that it’s time for my love of fashion to become an active part of my life rather than just a fact.

So, we come to this blog. I had reservations about starting one. Who knows if i’ll be able to keep it up? I’m taking 18 credits, 19 if you count one-credit Womens Glee Club. I’m involved with a few other campus organizations, have a job at University Campus days, and the Syle Guru internship. Plus, I do like to sleep, sometimes. However, the arguments for this far surpass the arguments against it. I’m already ultra connected into the world of fashion blogging, and have at least seven or eight bookmarked to my computer that I read daily. I scan Vogue and Elle like it’s my job.  Even if I can only get out one post every couple of weeks, I feel that it will ultimately be a great outlet for me to share my outfits, obsessions, musings, and have the occasional emotional breakdown. Many other bloggers began in college with limited space and resources and became immensely successful. I hope to follow in their footsteps, or at least carve out a little corner for myself.

Oh, here’s a picture of me. That’s always handy.


So, that’s about it. Chances are if you are reading this, I know you and ten points to you for getting to the end. Twenty points if you got to the end and didn’t roll your eyes once during this entire post. Regardless, you’re fabulous.

Much love,