Why I suck.


Done. One word. I thought it would be easy to find time to write a blog post here and there, even though my schedule is busy. However, I really didn’t anticipate all the logistics that go into making a successful fashion blog. You need knowledge of lighting and photography (I’m not even sure if my camera comes with a self-timer…I probably should look that up.) Plus, you need an area in which to shoot your photos, preferably outdoors (Michigan weather makes that very difficult.) I found myself posting crappy Iphone photos instead of the quality posts this blog deserves. However, I’m going to use my spring break to put energy and creativity into my blog. I have six weeks left of school after I come back from break, and I’ve set a personal goal of five or six posts in that time. Who knows what summer will bring, but I’m ready for it. I want this to work out. Therefore, I will take the steps to make it happen. I’m going to do more polyvore/street style type of posts geared towards college students, which I think is an interesting and practical way to assume the role of Student Blogger. Meanwhile, I will work on my photography abilities and hopefully be able to document my personal style in a better light.

Much love and happy blogging,


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