To Blog or not to Blog

That, my friends, is the question.

Now, I am fully aware that I am,currently, addressing no one. I’m hoping soon that will change. But for the small amount of friends and acquaintances that I will force to read this (love you all, by the way), and for any shot-in-the-dark strangers, I feel it’s best to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m currently a freshman at the University of Michigan, studying (for now), Communications and Drama. I grew up on Long Island, a triplet, and lived a typical suburban life. I love theatre and music, and easily become infatuated with works of literature, quotes, songs, and movies. I write often, plays,poems, and even essays. I’m addicted to hot, caffeinated beverages in all forms. I consider myself to me a good listener and friend. And, then, of course, I have a love affair with clothes, shopping, and creating an aesthetic that will bring me pride, joy, and confidence.

I started my real interest in clothing during my freshman year of high school. Until I was about 10, I was a tomboy, and the only fashion statement I cared about making was how many days in a row I could wear my authentic Mia Hamm jersey without putting it in the wash. From then on, I suffered somewhat of a style-identidy crisis. Yes, I wanted to look more feminine, but didn’t really have a clue on how to do it. I dressed nondescriptly, often donning *shudder* jeans with *shudder* sweatshirts and *FUCKING SHUDDER* skater shoes. When I came into my freshman year, this changed. I began to discover how I could make an impression with my clothes. While I went through some subpar “whimsical” “retro” and “hipster” phases, I learned to fall in love with fashion and what I could express through my clothes. I could get people to see me in a certain life. All the attributes I longed for in my self (physical attractiveness, poise, vivacity, charm, cohesiveness), could be achieved though my clothing.
As I ended high school and started college, this love and dependance on fashion as a means of self-expression grew more intense. I’m not going to lie, I have still a LOT of reservations and doubts about whether my college choice was the right one. The beginning of my semester was very difficult and on each return home, I question myself more and more. Many of my posts on this blog, I predict, are going to be assessments of my college experience (if y’all don’t mind a break from fashion :P) Since i’ve started college, I have relied on fashion as a means of expression, enjoyment, and reclaiming the sense of self that I lost somewhere along the way. I look forward to getting dressed every morning, and I highly doubt that will ever change, despite the arctic temperatures that will probably make me look forward to nothing but hot coffee and long naps. I have decided to put my love of fashion into action: I have an internship with the site College Fashionista this semester, where I will be writing a coloumn called ‘LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS’, photographing fashionable men and writing about their outfits. I’m very excited to be a part of the Style Guru team, however, I’m worried that I’m going to have to start talking to boys without a couple shots of vodka first. Oof. When my articles come up, however, I will link them here for all of you imaginary friends to read! Maybe soon you will be real friends. Yay. Goal-setting.

Back on track, My personal style is constantly evolving, but I have cultivated one that I am immensely proud of. I love dressing with grace and femininity. No pants here, please, unless they are absolutely necessary. I typically stick toward the classic shapes and fabrics that I know are flattering and polished. Some would call me preppy, and I am secretly delighted when they do. I love J.Crew and Francesca’s, statement necklaces, monograms, a-line skirts, colored tights, scarves, baseball caps, peacoats, shift dresses, riding boots (really any boots), ballet flats, bows, sparkles, you name it. I wish I could more succinctly sum up my style, but i’m afraid I cannot. All I know is that it’s time for my love of fashion to become an active part of my life rather than just a fact.

So, we come to this blog. I had reservations about starting one. Who knows if i’ll be able to keep it up? I’m taking 18 credits, 19 if you count one-credit Womens Glee Club. I’m involved with a few other campus organizations, have a job at University Campus days, and the Syle Guru internship. Plus, I do like to sleep, sometimes. However, the arguments for this far surpass the arguments against it. I’m already ultra connected into the world of fashion blogging, and have at least seven or eight bookmarked to my computer that I read daily. I scan Vogue and Elle like it’s my job.  Even if I can only get out one post every couple of weeks, I feel that it will ultimately be a great outlet for me to share my outfits, obsessions, musings, and have the occasional emotional breakdown. Many other bloggers began in college with limited space and resources and became immensely successful. I hope to follow in their footsteps, or at least carve out a little corner for myself.

Oh, here’s a picture of me. That’s always handy.


So, that’s about it. Chances are if you are reading this, I know you and ten points to you for getting to the end. Twenty points if you got to the end and didn’t roll your eyes once during this entire post. Regardless, you’re fabulous.

Much love,


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